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Charlotte King

As a 5th generation Californian, Charlotte gets to claim status as a true California girl. Charlotte lived briefly, as a child, in the Midwest, and as a young adult -- after graduating from UCSB, she lived in London while earning a master’s at Sotheby’s Art Institute. But sunny So Cal eventually drew her back.

Charlotte worked with artists and collectors in the fine art industry for over a decade before making a career switch. Quest has been a good match for her interests which include real estate and exploring diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles and the eclectic culinary scene. In fact, Charlotte and her husband hosted their rehearsal dinner at a favorite dim sum restaurant in Monterey Park.

One of the things Charlotte loves most about working at Quest is the chance to share all her discoveries with newcomers. As she says frequently, “There’s no place like LA!”

During her free time, you can find Charlotte gardening with her daughter or exploring the winding neighborhood streets with her young son.

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