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Our Story

When we established Quest Relocation Group in 1994, we wanted to create a premier Destination Services Firm that would stand out in the Relocation industry. We felt it was important to provide not only the highest level of customer care, but also a comfortable work environment that brought out the best in our Quest Team.

Barb Diane

We decided to form a novel partnership, take a chance, and break away from the standard relocation formula. We wanted to have the freedom to stand out in a way that would benefit and serve the companies who hired us to support their relocating employees. We understood that every single person was, and still is unique, and that a one-size-fits-all approach to a relocation was neither personal or effective. 

Before entering the world of Relocation, we chartered our own distinctive professional paths, which eventually led us to the relocation industry and to each other. Although we both had very different professional backgrounds, we recognized that our diverse array of skills and talents would only add value to the top-notch services we wanted to provide as a boutique Destination Services Firm. More importantly, we shared an immediate passion for the actual process of helping people and specifically guiding those who were relocating and going through tremendous change. 

We understood early on that creating our Quest Team of talented and happy employees, whether they be consultants, realtors, and/or partners, would translate into a higher level of customer care overall.

Our success over the years has been based on a real simple premise … find the best people, treat them like family, and provide a supportive work environment where they can grow and thrive. We lead with heart and care deeply about the work we do. Our team carries that sentiment forward with each and every person they support! 

Our dream and vision for the future is that Quest will continue to maintain the highest level of excellence while flourishing as a company. We can’t wait to see how this talented team grows and the company itself evolves under the phenomenal leadership of Robert Brezosky. 


Needless to say, we are excited to see Quest soar to new heights. 


Onward and upward!




Barbara Blake & Diane Chierichetti

About Barbara & Diane


After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies, Barbara started her career in Washington, D.C. as a lobbyist for Sierra Club. She loved working in the nation’s capital on major environmental legislation, but in time returned home to California.


Diane is a California native and UCLA graduate, with a background in Public Relations. She started out as a classroom teacher and went on to train other teachers. She brought that educator mindset to Quest, where she designed programs that informed and empowered newcomers to help them settle in quickly.

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