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Candidate Assistance

The position may be perfect, but if it means moving to a new city, the decision becomes tougher.

Quest enhances the recruitment of top talent by providing accurate information about the area and a “look-see” opportunity for your candidate. And since no two people and no two families are alike, we tailor each program. We make it personal. We make it honest. And dare we say, we can even make it fun!

Quest helps your first-choice candidate say “yes” to the job.


Home Purchase Assistance

Buying a home can be exciting. But buying a home in a brand-new city can be daunting.


Quest reduces the stress and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome by providing hands-on support at every stage of the process.


Each home buyer will work closely with a Quest Consultant (non-Realtor, local expert) who will provide counsel on schools, commutes, public transportation, lifestyle and more. They will arrange community/real estate tours with Quest Network Realtors (hand-selected, vetted, tested). They will introduce mortgage brokers if needed. They will stay engaged until the newcomer is fully settled into their new home.


In short, Quest manages all aspects of the home search so the employee is freed up to concentrate on the new job.

Rental Assistance

Whether your new employee is entry-level or senior-level, whether they're looking for a bare bones apartment or an upscale family home, Quest has a program to meet the need.


Every renter will receive the same high level of Quest expertise and attention. Our approach is always the same…we ask questions, we listen, we educate, we counsel. All programs include in-depth Orientation Meeting, informational Newcomer’s Packet, personalized Rental Tour(s), and additional services as requested.


No other relocation company treats their renters better than Quest. It’s a point of pride.


International Settling-In

Have you ever tried to secure a lease without credit history? Or pass a driver’s exam in a foreign country? Or navigate another country’s government bureaucracy?

Foreign nationals face these and many other challenges when moving to the U.S.

Quest offers a variety of multi-day programs that provide hands-on support to help the international newcomer acquire a Social Security number, open a bank account, secure an apartment or purchase a home, get a driver’s license, register children for school, set-up utilities and more.

It’s our way of saying, “Welcome to the U.S.!”

School Search Support

Quest knows schools, from pre-schools to high schools. And all Quest programs include information about schools.

However, some newcomers require more in-depth assistance. Maybe there’s a child with special needs. Maybe a family wants help exploring the private school options or finding a public school with a particular academic program.

Although Quest is not a school placement firm, our seasoned Consultants are able to help with a variety of education-related needs.

Please note that these services are available only in conjunction with a Quest home-finding program.


Custom Programs

As a boutique consulting firm, Quest prides itself on its ability to provide customized services to meet the varied needs of our accounts.

Have a group move? Quest can conduct on-site informational meetings, area overview tours or pre-decision phone consultations.

Have a top-tier executive who needs VIP treatment? Quest will roll out the red carpet with concierge-style services.

We’re creative. We’re connected. We’re experienced. We’re ready to help you solve your relocation/destination challenges.

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