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Preferred Realtor Partners

  • Robert Brezosky
    Quintessential day in SoCal – Love starting off the day in LA on one of the many beautiful hiking trails LA has to offer. People tend to think LA is flat, but that’s only parts of it; there are hills and hiking trails everywhere! From there I would head over to a farmers market (my favorite is Melrose Place on Sunday) to grab some strawberries, roses, and avocado hummus from our local friendly farmers. Home for a quick shower and out to lunch at one of our many spots offering outdoor dining – the prix fixe lunch at Avra in Beverly Hills can’t be beat - delicious food, gorgeous setting, and lively crowd. Follow that up with some shopping - we have lots of it and since I’m already in BH – how about Rodeo Drive? Head back home from there to host a casual dinner for some friends, preferably outside again – because you know we have the weather! Unique fact about you – I have this unusual ability to remember things (important or unimportant – my brain does not distinguish), like lines from TV shows and movies or random things my Grandparents said growing up. Entertaining in LA – My favorite form of entertainment in LA is attending a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. It doesn’t even really matter who’s on stage – it’s the experience – the beautiful venue, the people watching, the gourmet picnicking with close friends beforehand – it’s truly a special experience. Tip: if you can, spring for box seats and try going on a weeknight when it’s quieter to see the LA Philharmonic under the stars with some fellow lovers of fine food and music. Truly a unique experience and guaranteed to leave you feeling grateful to be living in Los Angeles. Six adjectives that BEST describe you – Witty (or sarcastic), Polished, Thoughtful, Perfectionist (recovering), Calm, and Determined. Tip for newcomers – Try to think about LA for all it has to offer rather than comparing it to what it’s not (other cities). What it is is pretty incredible and there’s no other place like it in the world! What’s your Quest Story? I spent all of my career in HR and the last 15 years as an HR leader at PwC, Disney, and Netflix. When I joined Disney as Global Mobility Leader in 2012, I soon came to know this incredible boutique Destination Services Company called “Quest.” I was so taken in by the founders, Barbara Blake and Diane Chierichetti – it was easy to see that Quest’s ability to deliver destination services support with care and heart came directly from their vision and leadership. I continued to work with Barb and Diane over the years and got to know each on a personal and a professional level. When I left Disney to join Netflix years later, of course one of the first things I did was to bring Quest along with me to take care of relocating Netflix employees. In early 2023, I left Netflix and called Barb to ask her if she needed some help running Quest. Diane was already semi-retired and I knew Barb could use an extra set of hands. That conversation quite unexpectedly turned into a discussion about me becoming the new owner of this company I had grown to love so much over the years. I hadn’t planned on leaving corporate HR to run a small company, but nothing had ever felt so right before, so I knew I had to go for it. Today, I’m honored to be the new owner of Quest Relocation Group and am excited to lead the team on our own new “Quest” of growth, while honoring all of the wonderful things that make Quest what it is today – in particular care and heart.
  • Molly Briggs
    Quintessential day in SoCal — My quintessential day would be wandering the Getty Museum followed by dinner at Musso and Franks in Hollywood before heading to The Pantages Theatre to take in an evening show. Unique fact about you — I am an LA native married to a 5th generation LA native. Entertaining in LA — It is not summer in Los Angeles if you do not take in a Dodger game while enjoying a Dodger dog! It is even more magical if you are able to go on a night where they end the evening with fireworks! Six adjectives that BEST describe you — Organized, Proactive, Resourceful, Reliable, Personable, and Passionate. Tip for newcomers — Assume anywhere you drive to will take you 10 minutes longer than your maps app is quoting you. What’s your Quest Story? Prior to joining the Quest Team, I worked in the nonprofit and education sector for ten years servicing children and families all throughout LA County. When I switched professions and joined Quest in 2016, it was a natural fit. I was able to use my vast knowledge of local school districts and children's programming to benefit our clients, all while incorporating a huge passion of mine, real estate! My husband was thrilled that I no longer was looking for our next home and was focussing on finding my clients the perfect place for them to call home.
  • Claudia Castillo
    Quintessential day in SoCal — There are so many different types of quintessential days you can have here in Los Angeles on any given day. My favorite kind of day (by far) is going to the beach with my family, any time of the year … beach days aren’t just for summer around here. On the way to the beach, I like to pick up sushi from Yama Sushi Saki + Attitude for a beach-perfect picnic. Sand, surf, sun, and sushi for the win! Unique fact about you — I have a retired champion show dog. He’s a Briard. Entertaining in LA — You can’t miss a day dancing to live Latin music at LMU’s KXLU Salsa Fest. This one-day, free event happens every June and is family friendly and open to the community. Six adjectives that BEST describe you — Dedicated, Thoughtful, Resourceful, Persistent, Creative, and Resilient. Tip for newcomers - It can take 40 minutes to go 8 miles. What’s your Quest Story? True story … I found Quest on Craigslist. I relocated as a teenager and then several times on my own, including a three-year stint overseas in London where I managed my own relocation and inadvertently became my own destination services specialist. The locals were impressed with my expert knowledge and my ability in easily navigating around London via transit. As a Hoosier with Colombian roots, I also wanted to find a job where I could use my professional and personal experiences to support and guide newcomers to the new city they would call home.
  • Charlotte King
    Quintessential day in SoCal — I would start the day off by grabbing an iced coffee in Los Feliz and going for a hike in Griffith Park with my children. Afterwards, I like swinging by my favorite local cafe, All Time, for breakfast burritos and a pastry treat. Unique fact about you — I am a 5th generation Californian. Entertaining in LA — A highly subjective opinion: The Vista movie theater is the best theater in all of LA. Built in 1923 in the Egyptian Revival style, you won’t find a more charming and festive place to watch the newest theatrical releases. Quentin Tarantino recently purchased and renovated the theater, bringing it into the 21st century and setting it up for another 100 years of movie magic. Six adjectives that BEST describe you — Positive, Enthusiastic, Understanding, Discerning, Resourceful, and Curious. Tip for newcomers – Try to avoid rush hour traffic! What’s your Quest Story? I began my career in the fine arts industry, working with museums, artists, and collectors. I brought my skills of finding creative solutions to Quest, and now use them to help newcomers gain an understanding of the Southern California landscape. Working at Quest lets me utilize my interests in real estate and the diverse Los Angeles culinary scene in productive and helpful ways!
  • Evette Murphy
    Quintessential day in SoCal – I’d start the morning watching the sunrise from the top of Mulholland. Then, I’d take a studio tour, learn about the Hollywood film industry at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, or attend a live filming as an audience member. After that, I’d eat at one of the many locally owned cafés along Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz, like Alcove. I’d spend the afternoon hanging out with friends and end the day on the beach watching the sunset. Unique fact about you – I’m somewhat of a homebody, so even in a big city like Los Angeles (with so much to do) I would rather be at home and doing things around the house like: trimming trees, yard work, detailing cars, and fixing things … just to name a few! Entertaining in LA – Part of what I love about Los Angeles is that it literally has something for everyone! If you like doing it, you will most likely find it here! Six adjectives that BEST describe you – Brave, Helpful, Passionate, Handy, Intellectual, and Trustworthy. Tip for newcomers – Wilshire is pronounced (will-shuhr) emphasis on “will”, Sepulveda is pronounced (suh-pul-vuh-duh) emphasis on “pul”, and Van Nuys is pronounced (van-n-eyes) emphasis on “van”. What’s your Quest Story? I began my career in accounting before I even realized that was what I was doing. People trusted me, and asked me to balance their checkbook or to calculate their income and tell them how much “allowance” they could afford each month. I have worked in accounting offices, prepared taxes, and have had many jobs that have nothing to do with accounting, but it always seems to come back to accounting, and here I am at Quest doing what I love!
  • Ellen Rubel
    Quintessential day in SoCal — I’d start my day with a walk around The Huntington Library and Gardens. Afterwards, I’d head to Old Town Pasadena and browse the huge selection of books and gifts at Vroman's, one of the oldest independent bookstores in Los Angeles. Then, I’d likely take in a movie at the recently restored Eagle Theater, now home to Vidiots, the beloved LA video store and nonprofit film organization. I’d end my day with a savory bowl of Tom Kha soup at Janejira Thai Bistro. Unique fact about you — A lifelong film fan, I have attended the Sundance Film Festival over a dozen times. Entertaining in LA – There’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful balmy summer evening concert at the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park. Six adjectives that BEST describe you – Easygoing, Supportive, Patient, Reliable, Resourceful, and Artistic. Tip for newcomers – Always pay attention to parking signs. They can be very confusing and misleading. What’s your Quest Story? My Quest story began in 2012 at the historic Fine Arts building in downtown LA. Having spent over two decades working in post production, my first project at Quest was to update the Newcomer's Guide, an extensive resource that all transferees receive as part of their Quest program. In the following years, I've worked on every iteration of the Newcomer's Guide, from Southern California to Central Florida. It is very gratifying to create material that helps the transferee navigate a new city and all it has to offer.
  • Elizabeth Wheeler
    Quintessential day in SoCal — Waking up to birds chirping and having coffee in the backyard under our beautiful White Mulberry tree. Then anything after is icing on the cake. Unique fact about you — I grow pineapples in East LA. They are super sweet and give off a slight fragrance of coconut. Entertaining in LA — All roads lead to DTLA. There is culture, history, greenspace, entertainment, sports, and food. You can arrive in DTLA using the Metro from all directions. Its diverse districts can impress even the most discerning of tastes. Six adjectives that BEST describe you – Passionate, Knowledgeable, Adaptable, Authentic, Original, and Resourceful. Tip for newcomers — To avoid traffic when planning a weekend getaway, leave as early as possible. Angelinos like to sleep in on the weekends. What’s your Quest Story? It was my knowledge of maps and communities. Before Quest, I owned a commercial furniture dealership and we delivered furniture all over LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. I was a natural.
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