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Quest Holiday Gift Baskets Are Back!

Nearly 30 years ago, Quest co-founder Diane Chierichetti began creating client holiday gift baskets with fun and unique themes. The baskets were filled with everything – from the items she had hand-selected from her travels around the world to special finds from businesses right here in SoCal.

Over the years, the Quest Team made the rounds to clients spreading holiday cheer and these basket visits quickly became an enjoyable tradition for all! When the pandemic hit, we had to temporarily suspend this much-loved tradition.

This year, the Quest holiday gift baskets made a triumphant return and were met with much excitement! Our theme was “Recharge” and included goodies that promoted mindfulness, well-being, relaxation, and self-care. The most popular item in the basket this year proved to be pickleballs! An ode to our pickleball-loving gift basket guru Diane!


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