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Quest Welcomes Feedback (with a fantastic workshop by Greg Alan)

“Can I give you some feedback?” If hearing those words make you feel a little queasy, you’re not alone! Fortunately, there are techniques to make that uncomfortable feeling go away and leave you enthusiastically answering, “Yes, please!”

At Quest, we are moving toward a work culture that normalizes constructive feedback, and in order to do that, we are learning how to give and receive it in ways that minimize our discomfort when we find ourselves on either end of that conversation. Taking inspiration from the exemplary feedback culture he experienced while at his employer-turned-client Netflix, Robert Brezosky invited Greg Alan to lead Quest in a feedback workshop at our latest team meeting.

Greg’s workshop, “Feedback: Unlocking Potential” motivated our team with solid tactics and rationale, giving us lots of tips for how and when to deliver feedback positively and constructively in order to achieve a desired impact, and even to motivate and inspire. With warmth and candor, he acknowledged that most people face challenges when receiving feedback, and he encouraged us to regularly ask for it at work in order to improve our practices and our work culture. And then we practiced! Leading us through three simple and realistic scenarios, Greg had us try out our delivery and responses, leaving us much better prepared to face feedback conversations in the future.

Yes, giving and receiving feedback can be challenging in both personal and business settings, but well-delivered feedback helps us to course correct and reach higher levels of success as individuals and as a team, furthering Quest’s aim to go above and beyond for our clients. Thank you, Greg!


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